Amenity areas set-up – Building 1 Porta Nuova Varesine

Competitions by invitation

The project was developed for the invitation-only competition organized by the company Coima SGR S.p.A. for the construction of an “Amenity” space inside the building called “Diamantino”, located in the recently redeveloped area of ​​Porta Nuova in Milan.

The design idea had to have as its purpose the design of a flexible internal space, capable of accommodating the many temporary recreational / conferential activities requested by the customer.

The ideational process has led to the creation of a central functional block in which the fundamental spaces common to all the activities of use called “the cube” are enclosed. The interior concept has been developed in a such as to be able to recreate different settings through easily reversible and modifiable degrees of set-up and functional scenarios. It allows, with simple tricks, to create different furnishing situations and accessibility levels.

Di cosa ci siamo occupatiSpace planning e interior designCustomerCoima SGR s.p.a.LocationMilanArea700 sqmYear2016Our taskSpace planning e interior design