Demolition of the Kazakhstan Pavillon – EXPO Milan 2015

Planning a demolition

An engaging experience with the complete management of the demolition activities of the Kazakhstan Expo Milan 2015 Pavilion, entrusted to Plan by the German General Contractor and managed on the basis of the guidelines for the recovery and disposal of materials produced by EXPO 2015.

The task of design and management of the activity has been carefully planned by sectors and phases of dismantling and recovery of materials and systems of the scenic set-up, of the planned disposal of non-reusable materials and of reconditioning and restitution to vegetable soil of the whole area under the initial assignment conditions, with the preparation of the final documentation and the reclamation tests approved by EXPO 2015.

CustomerFacts & Fictions GmbH – Köln (RFT)LocationArea Expo 2015 - MilanArea2.500 mqYear2015/2016Our taskArchitectural Design, Works Direction, H&S Coordination, Administrative Procedure.