IW Bank Corso Venezia – Milano

Preparation of office space and new bank branch

Plan’s intervention affects the 4 floors above ground and the basement for technological use of this characteristic office building for its historicity and position.

The spaces, already intended for office use, have been adapted and reinterpreted to meet the work and representation needs of IWBank, in some cases retaining in other cases by adapting the distribution plan while respecting the classic character of the building.

The intervention involved the architecture of the interior spaces, the systems and the adaptation to the fire regulations in force.
The choice of finishes was conservative given the good condition of the existing one and the need for a light intervention.

On the ground floor there is the reception area with the desk, a mini bank counter and meeting rooms; on the upper floors there are single and multiple offices, conference rooms, the classroom and common areas.

CustomerUBI Banca IW BankLocationMilanArea1330 sqmYear2021Our taskProject Management, Architectural design, Construction supervision, Safety coordination on site, Administrative procedures