Kazakhstan Pavilion – EXPO Milan 2015

An innovative Pavilion

For Plan as well EXPO 2015 represented a captivating management performance in a highly stimulating as much as problematic environment. Plan handled the technical coordination of the site activities, carried out by Italian and German specialists, on the basis of the assignment and of the design of a primary scenic setting Studio, by granting quality and timing of the final settlement of a highly innovative and overcrowded Pavilion, which enjoyed widespread appreciation of visitors and professionals of EXPO.
The logistics and operators flow of the various attending officers required a strong a strong technical/linguistic engagement completed well in advance regarding the testing and dates of the site.

Customergtp2 Architeckten - Düsseldorf (RFT)LocationArea Expo 2015 - MilanArea2500 mqYear2014/2015Our taskConstruction activities coordination and spaces setting up, Site/Technical Supervision, Deputy Participant Representative.