New fire station in Bad Bramstedt

Design competition for a new fire station

The project fits into the urban environment of Bad Bramstedt, a city in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, as an independent and distinctive building in its formal architectural characterization.
The vehicle pavilion, to some extent the face of the fire station visible from urban space, is a single-storey L-shaped structure, oriented along the Hamburgerstrasse.
It reflects purpose-oriented functionality through a clear form.
On the ground floor, at the rear of the operational area, are the depots, workshops and changing rooms, which are directly connected to the vehicle pavilion through clear paths.

The northern part of the building wants to give an architectural imprint through a different treatment of the building structure. The exceptional two-storey volume houses on the front of the first floor the rooms of the operations center and the radio center of the building, where an unobstructed view of the Eisatzhalle and the entrances and exits for emergencies is guaranteed.
Upstairs, on a shared outdoor terrace facing south, are the rooms for administration, residence, training and all accessory functional areas.
The basement houses the building services, storage areas and parking spaces.

The entrances and paths are well separated and functional to the needs, distinguishing the more operational ones from the administrative and reception ones.
The external areas and internal spaces of the new fire station respond with a linear formal language to the desire for optimal functionality and usability in the event of an emergency, combined with a high quality stay for the users of the building. The design is deliberately kept sober, emphasized by ribbons and diversified surface treatments in dialogue with the surrounding context.
Vertical green walls on the south side, green roofs and the green barrier planted on the north side of the building guarantee noise reduction, thermal insulation and connection with the various levels of the green system.

A photovoltaic and solar thermal system contribute to the energy needs of the building.

With few architectural means such as structuring, the design of compact structures and the sustainable use of materials, we want to obtain a building of good quality and at the same time guarantee a minimum thermal dispersion of energy.

CustomerCity of Bad BramstedtLocationBad Bramstedt (GER)Area8.500 sqmYear2020Our taskArchitectural design competition