Plan Srl stands for planning and consulting in construction field and results from joining professionals of different nationalities and expertise, collaborating since 1994.

Under the leadership of the founding members as well as of the new partners, a highly specialized and motivated multilingual team of architects and engineers collaborates managing a wide technical activity.

All over our 20 years activity we have promoted and developed comprehensive projects in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and recently in Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan, by acquiring a wide specific experience in the accomplishment of interdisciplinary projects.

The flexibility of the organization as well as the wide network of partners, covering town planning, MEP services and civil engineering, mark the team and grant success even in case of different project’s sizes and typologies. By providing a integrated Project Management activity we can grant quality, timing and cost control of the performance.

German Desk

Our „German Desk” operates mainly as technical adviser and local architect in favour of German and Swiss customers by developing their Italy located projects.

As local contact Architects, we combine the vision / requirements of our international customers with the local peculiarity and Italian rules and regulations, ensuring a smooth project’s flow.

The reference list of our international Customers states the collaboration path with German and additional economic operators, including Government Departments, Institutions, Industrial Concerns, Banking Groups, Real Estate Founds, General Contractors, Architects and Private Individuals, all of the bonded over the demand of a competent local Partner on site.

Plan is for years member of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce AHK, improves the contacts with German industrial operators and grants the access to a selected network of local technical advisors.


Architectural design

Architectural design
Executive design
Interior design
Integrated design
Engineering of the project
Works direction

Project Management

Due Diligence
Property Management
Cost analysis e Time control
Project Management
Construction Management

Technical services

Health / Safety / Environment (Leg. Decree 81/2008 and s.m.i.)
Architectural survey
Energy certification
Energy efficiency consultants
Cadastral survey / procedure
Real estate expertise

German Desk

Local Architect
Preliminary, executive and detailed planning assistance
Verifying project parameters with Italian rules and regulations (BOQ, technical specifications, procurement management)
Technical supervisor
Project / Construction Management
Cost analysis / Time control
Health / Safety / Environment (Leg. Decree 81/2008 and s.m.i.)
Real estate investigation / Due Diligence

ESG data management: collection and recording of relevant ESG data in an ESG database including ESG dashboard
Conducting energy audits and ESG due diligence to determine the sustainability of buildings
Determining the decarbonization pathway using a CO2 performance tool
CO2RE risk management for real estate portfolios (CO2 screening): identification of necessary measures and determination of CO2 financial risk
Determination of ESG objectives required and definition of an implementation strategy
ESG project management: holistic support in the implementation of sustainability measures
Sustainability certification for new and existing buildings (DGNB, BNB, BREEAM, LEED)
Preparation of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA/Life Cycle Assessment)
Life Cycle Costing (LCC) preparation
Performance monitoring and data management: quality assurance and evaluation of consumption data